Ethics & Values

Eastern Suburbs Speech Pathology works under the auspices of four key ethics and values. Due to the very human nature of work in healthcare we believe the following are of highest importance and as such, all patients cared for will be managed according to these principles.

Warmth of manner

All patients and significant others will be treated with warmth and respect regardless of age, sex, religion, culture, reason for accessing Speech Pathology services or otherwise.


All patients will receive high-level personalised assessment and therapy based on evidence and professional experience. Eastern Suburbs Speech Pathology will maintain a commitment to innovation and excel in providing care to those who seek their service. 


All patients will be afforded privacy in accessing services through Eastern Suburbs Speech Pathology. Assessment and treatment results will only be shared with referring Specialists and other professionals once express consent from the patient is obtained.

Patient centeredness

All patients will receive assessment and therapy based on their individual needs. Setting and working toward goals set by the individual will be at the center of time spent working with Eastern Suburbs Speech Pathology.